We offer cloud consulting for various Amazon Web services(AWS) products like Elastic Cloud Compute(EC2), Simple Storage Service(S3),autoscaling, load balancing, Node.js , Relational database services(RDS), every task comes with a reasonable fixed price(no hidden charges) and ETA for completion to maintain quality and crystal clear view for the clients to plan the product delivery and budget.

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Why outsource AWS support ?

As an individual/Startup company one cannot get everything through their inhouse techs. Since Amazon Web Services has a huge range of products everyone has that one point where they need support from experts, StepToCloud support masters in AWS consulting. We are experts in EC2, RDS, EBS, ELB, EMP, Autoscaling, VPC,S3, AMI, etc. All you need is to sit back and relax and we will choose the best options for you.


Amazon EC2

EC2 works like a normal standalone server where you can install any WEB/DNS services, just like the regular servers. But it does offer innovation as well, it provides scalability. The resources of the server can be increased or decreased within minutes, yes within minutes. It also offers wide range of server images which has most softwares pre-installed. So within minutes a server can be deployed and ready to go.


Auto Scaling

Autoscaling is another innovative service provided by Amazon. The server resources are scaled up when there are more users accessing the website/application and the resources are automatically decreased when there less active users in the website/application. The server is charged only for the resources used and not for the unused resources. This is surely a game changer and we can surely see lot of other providers implementing the same.

Backup and Recovery

Backups are made more simpler as well. The complete OS along with all the installations can be backed up as an image and a new server can be created with the image. The new server will be up and running same as the production server.


Amazon S3 Storage

Simple Storage Services(S3) is a storage service provided by Amazon for storing your static contents on S3 and using your dynamic contents to be loaded from your application/website, which makes your application fast reducing the load on your server. This is an added advantage if you using autoscaling provided by Amazon. Many people use S3 for shooting their server backups just becuase it is cheap.


Amazon Elastic Load Balancing

Amazon load balancer is one of the best service provided by Amazon, where you can balance requests among multiple servers hosted with Amazon. You don’t need to purchase a hardware load balancer to implement it. As told already there is no upfront cost for cloud you just pay for what you use.

Looking forward to start with Amazon’s cloud ? Do you want Amazon consultants at cheaper rate ? here we are, we can help you with almost all Amazon web services.

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