Google Cloud

Are you looking forward for a support company to migrate your data to Google cloud or support your current infrastructure in Google Cloud? We offer support for various Google Cloud products like App Engine, Compute Engine, Container Engine, Cloud SQL and Cloud Storage at fixed price (no hidden charges).


App Engine

Are you looking forward to run your apps without having the headache of managing your infrastructure? We can help you with the same. We will setup app engine and provide with the infrastructure information along with the document on how to manage your codes.


Compute Engine

Compute Engine is nothing but a VM running on Cloud infrastructure the benefit of running Compute Engine over app engine is we will have full control on the server with root access hence we can control what services we are running and customize every settings with respect to our needs just like a bare metal server. We can setup the same and provide you with the infrastructure diagram upon completion of the setup allowing you to understand the setup easily.


Container Engine

The future of computing is container-based systems. Container based infrastructure enables us to run multiple server environments on a single base OS without creating multiple VMs with dedicated OS on each allowing running more environments with comparatively less resources. We can setup the same and customize for our client’s requirements and provide with the necessary documents allowing the clients to understand the setup.


Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is nothing other than relational database service completely managed by Google engineers. We have limited access to customize the settings. If you are developer/owner who doesn’t want to get your hands dirty in managing relational database service then Cloud SQL is the best choice. We are StepToCloud will setup Cloud SQL service with respect to the individual’s requirements yet with recommended settings allowing our clients to utilize most of it’s exciting features to benefit the performance of the application.


Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows us to use their storage buckets to host static files like images, js, css, backups etc. allowing us to store more files with less cost. This is useful if we are running multiple servers load balanced with web based upload feature. We can setup the service for our clients for both single server and multiple server environments with flow less setup. Allowing our clients to run applications with better uptime.

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